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The Crush Therapy

A pleasurable tactile, visual, and auditory stimulus, gym chalk ASMR is a subjectively satisfying experience that offers a unique brand of meditation that can be tailored to each individual. The Crush Therapy is taking the global social media phenomenon off your cell phone and delivering it to you IN PERSON. As the latest gym chalk ASMR influencer, @TheCrushTherapy has upgraded gym chalk ASMR with the addition of aromatic elements, a broad range of tactile stimulation, color psychology basics, and words of inspiration for the full in-person sensory therapy session.

Join us for our first, exclusive, invite-only

Crush Therapy Session.


Your Crush Package Includes

•    Pre-crush personality consultation 

•    Crush platter and bowl 

•    Access to The Crush Therapy Bar for your choice of 2 large reforms, 4 small reforms, 1 plain jane (7 crushable items complete with aromatherapy) 

•    Guided crush meditation 

•    Crush apron

•    2 drink tickets 

•     Photo booth

•    Gift bag with stress ball,  journal, and pen

•    And a group of fellow crushers bringing nothing positive vibes!

A #dropcrush for power
Crush Therapy Sessions

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